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Engineers with good English language skills defamed as journalists by google, tata

In one of the greatest online frauds in India, harmless hardworking engineers with good language skills, are being defamed as journalists , cheated and exploited allegedly by google, tata and other it companies since 2010, to supply sex workers, get bribes for government employees and get jobs for the lazy greedy inexperienced relatives and friends of top officials.

Google, tata are very vicious in defaming the engineer without legally valid proof, bribing the shameless section 420 fraud ntro employees to falsely claim that google, tata sponsored sex worker, cheater housewife , fraud R&AW/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, have the impressive resume, investment of the engineer.

When the engineer is protesting against the online, financial fraud as every citizen has the right to justice, instead of treating her fairly,google, tata are defaming, cheating, exploiting the engineer as a journalist to justify their financial, resume theft since 2010, wasting crores of indian tax payer money in the process.