Month: April 2024

Most indian citizens do not have good written English skills

Usually in most languages it is comparatively easy to acquire listening and speaking skills, learning reading and writing skills remains difficult especially if the script is different.
Though the liar cheater top government employees led by puneet j and j srinivasan are always belittling, ridiculing the domain investor, falsely claiming that the content she writes is an indication of mental health , the fact is that she has much better english language skills compared to most other indian citizens due to which she can make money online, while most others cannot make money.
If the websites are not updated, the advertising is blocked or reduced, yet in a clear case of EXTORTION, BLACKMAIL, the mental health of the online, domain investor is questioned, if she posts any content on the websites she owns, to update them.
If other fraud raw/cbi employees like bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree/haryana fraud ruchita kinge/goans riddhi, siddhi, sunaina falsely take credit for the writing work, in a clear case of double standards, their mental health is not questioned, instead these cheater married women get a monthly government salary for faking writing work, in another brilliant fraud of the cunning cheater raw/cbi employees