Advantages and Specific Knowledge About the Air Source Heat Pump

The air source heat pump s are simpler devices and provide hot or cold air directly to one or two internal spaces of your residence, being able to work in apartment or building environments, as well as in residences such as houses and townhouses.

Thus, we can say that air source heat pumps are used to provide heating and cooling indoors and sometimes even outdoors, even in colder climates, and can be used efficiently for heating water in milder climates, that is, even hotter.

Another interesting point is that air source heat pumps can provide low cost space heating.

This means that a high-efficiency heat pump can provide up to four times more heat than those common heaters that many people have in their home, such as resistance or even electric ones.

Thus, this is a simple and at the same time complex form of renewable energy that will also interfere in the consumer’s pocket, but in an alternative way, since it varies greatly with the price of electricity in each region and country.

Another aspect is that an air source heat pump does not emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or any other type of gas, so it can be considered a renewable energy source.

This is possible because the pump uses a small amount of electricity to transfer a large amount of heat: the electricity can be from a renewable source or it can be generated from plants that burn fossil fuel.

Also, a big advantage of some pumps is that the same system can be used for heating in winter and cooling in summer. Although the installation cost is generally high, it is less than the cost of an underground source heat pump, because an underground source heat pump requires excavation to install its ground loop, in other words, here we have a benefit, as it is a direct savings in the consumer’s pocket.

One more advantage is that the heat pump has access to thermal storage capacity that allows it to produce more heat with less electricity in cold conditions, this is sure to generate savings at the end of the month.

There are countless benefits, and their practicalities that can be glimpsed, it is worth having this knowledge because it affects the consumer’s pocket and also the world, for cleaner energy.