Security agencies making fake claims about the language skills of sindhi school dropouts, goan call girls and other frauds

Indicating the worsening status of educated women professionals it can be legally proved that Indian government agencies, especially security agencies making up fake stories about the language skills, work ethic of sindhi scammer school dropout housewives, goan call girls and other frauds to get them monthly government salaries at the expense of hardworking older single woman professionals who have no one to help or defend themselves against shameless liar gujju, sindhi, goan fraud officials criminally defaming the skilled single woman professional
For example ntro, raw, cbi are aware that their favorite sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, is only cooking, cleaning for her crooked rich husband, 16 years older than her, she along with her scammer sons karan, nikhil are not doing any kind of computer work at all, she cannot write well in english, yet are involved in CYBERCRIME, stealing information from the hardworking single woman and then falsely claiming that they are doing the work to get monthly government salaries at the expense of the single woman
To ensure that their CYBERCRIME, BANKING FRAUD is not exposed the greedy gujju, sindhi and goan fraudsters are criminally defaming the single woman in the worst manner, so that no one believes her though she is telling the truth, and are supported by google, tata, indian internet companies in their banking, written english skills, fraud cybercrime since 2012