Despite being a magazine, India today refuses to question goa government on its fraud on writers since 2013

India today is ranking goa as the top small state, yet the goa government is openly involved in a writing, FINANCIAL FRAUD on a single woman writer since 2012 making fake claims about her paypal, bank account, online account, and the writing work she does
The single woman engineer, who doing writing work, because of the lack of suitable opportunities in panaji, goa, a small town is a prolific writer, spending 8-10 hours daily writing, and has alone written more than 4000 articles for customers worldwide (proof can be provided)

Yet in a clear case of government FINANCIAL FRAUD, labor law violation, with the help of CYBERCRIMINAL indian tech, internet companies, various high status frauds in panaji, especially the relatives of top security agency employees, and panaji’s top sindhi BRIBE govers, are falsely claiming to own the online account, domains, websites, paypal, bank account of the single woman and getting government salaries.

Multiple sources have confirmed that they are getting salaries, in one case, the domain investor has personally seen the sindhi scammers come back with salary slips for making fake claims after criminally defaming her. The shameless goan and sindhi scammer government employees are not doing any kind of computer work at all, have no online income, yet the goa security and intelligence agency employees are getting HUGE BRIBES so they are making FAKE CLAIMS about the panaji sindhi scammers, and their lazy fraud relatives

The real writer is only asking the goa government to check the bank details, pan, income tax returns of the different fraud raw/cbi employees who are falsely claiming to own her bank account, credit cards, yet the goa government is so CORRUPT, DISHONEST that it has refused to end the WRITING, FINANCIAL FRAUD for the last 7 years, or verify the details of the fraud goan, sindhi government employees
India today is a magazine which has a large number of employees who are mainly doing writing work, and it is aware that for the writing work, skills are required, a lot of time is spent, yet some state governments, especially in goa, are extremely brazen in their financial fraud on writers, making fake claims about their bank account, writing work to extort BRIBES from high status well connected frauds