After greedy fraud haryana R&AW employee mba hr ruchika kinge, office, job and paypal, bank account fraud was exposed, article rejected

The fraud levels in the google tata controlled indian internet sector are the highest in the world, and single women are ruthless cheated and exploited by these FRAUD LIAR companies, expected to tolerate all fraud quietly
For example the google, tata sponsored mba hr ruchika kinge was working in an office and getting a very good monthly salary, Yet indicating extremely high levels of fraud, google, tata were supporting the fraud ruchika in her writing fraud of falsely claiming to own the paypal, iwriter, bank account of a single woman domain investor who was spending her time doing the work.
This exposes how google, tata are completely fraud companies though they were aware that cia stooge ruchika was working in an american office in the human resources department, just to DEFAME, the single woman they all supported the scammer ruchika in her writing fraud.
Immediately after the office fraud of haryana scammer raw employee ruchika kinge was exposed, article was rejected. It does not matter since the article was used elsewhere , yet it shows the mindset of these greedy powerful scammers