Official Statement on actor Sushantsingh Rajput’s death shows why English language skills are not appreciated in India

In india, the state and indian government are ruthless in harassing writers , refusing to acknowledge that they have language skills, which people from other countries are willing to pay a large amount for, and falsely accuse them of money laundering

Specifically one of the major problems for writers is that they are falsely labelled a security threat by the security agencies, police, who do not understand that knowing english fairly well, is a important skill, valued worldwide
The official statement from Mumbai police on Sushantsingh rajput’s demise posted on many websites, “Actor Sushantsingh Rajput R/o- Mount Blanc Apts, 6th Floor,Joggers Park, Bandra(W),Bandra have committed suicide by hanging himself to ceiling fan by knotting with green colour clothsheet in his bedroom. No suicide letter has been found…and no other suspicious factor has come out so far. The home is duplex flat with hall at downstairs and 3 bedrooms at upstairs.”

In india good language skills are not appreciated by the indian and state government agencies and the above statement shows the english language skills level of most people.