If writing work is so simple, why is the goa government not asking mining affected people to make money writing

the goa government involved in world’s greatest WRITING FRAUD, humiliating, torturing and defaming the real writers , falsely claiming that it is something extremely simple which a school student can do
In reality writing well in english requires some skills, knowledge and school college students do not have the knowledge, time

The domain investor is making Rs 30000 monthly from writing alone, despite wasting a lot of her time and money fighting the governmenmt fraud since the goa government falsely claims that lazy greedy CALL GIRL, ROBBER, fraud goan, gujju raw/cbi employees riddhi siddhi, sunaina, school dropout panaji gujju sex queen naina chandan, her lazy fraud liar sons karan,nikhil, who have no online income, own her account in a goa government BANKING FRAUD

The domain investor would like to ask the goa government if writing is so simple, that even school students can do the writing work, why does it not ask the mining affected people and other unemployed people in goa to do the writing work, since most of them were not making more than Rs 30000 with their mining job

A newspaper report indicated that a salary of Rs 25000 is usually considered fairly ok in goa, most businessses in goa are offering Rs 10000 or less to their employees, which most people find less

There is plenty of writing work available, why is the goa government asking the center for financial help, why is it not asking the mining affected people to do writing work, if it considers it so simple that even a student can do the work according to the liar sociopath security and intelligence employees in goa