Google wants quality online content, yet those who create the content are getting nothing

In 2018, the google competitor has decided that she will greatly reduce the content she creates online, let domains expire , because those who are wasting their time creating content online, paying domain expenses are getting nothing, while those who are well connected are making a lot of money, without doing any work, because their boyfriends and relatives are making fake allegations without any proof against those who are doing the work.

For example for the description writing work, the person who got the actual order was doing nothing , except forwarding the malware filled files . The person who is actually supposed to do the quality work, gets almost no direct orders , because her emails are stolen, so she is forced to work like a slave.
So the theft of emails by ntro is a form of slavery, the indian citizens whose emails are stolen without a legally valid reason, have no orders, are forced to take up the low paying work, while those whose orders, emails are not stolen get very lucrative orders, many orders, though they do not have good skills, experience

For example Anita on worknhire who had a product description writing order, also had many other orders like rewriting articles, while the domain investor has no orders at all, and no income other than ad and domain sales. Google expects the domain investor to work at a very low rate for unprofessional frauds like anita , who send malware, make fake complaints to cybercrime, yet the experienced domain investor, a trained professional is getting nothing,