Corrupt NTRO employees incorrectly label all the websites exposing their fraud as spam

Though income tax returns, bank details will easily prove that NTRO employees have been involved in a major sex, bribery racket, financial fraud since 2010, on a harmless google competitor, the ntro employees are abusing their discretionary powers to falsely label all the websites of the google competitor as spam, to cover up their online fraud, sex racket and ridicule the language skills of the google competitor they have cheated and exploited.
The shameless extremely greedy fraud ntro employees want the google competitor to quietly tolerate their great online financial fraud and not mention it in on any of her websites, so that they can falsely claim that the google, tata supplied sex workers, cheater housewives and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees offering bribes are working online.
It again highlight the lack of humanity, honesty of the ntro employees who are quick to label others as animals,when actually the ntro employees themselves are worse than animals , making indian citizens work like slaves.