Fake verbal claims used by indian intelligence agencies to hire employees

It is widely believed that india remained a laggard in terms of technology after the fifteenth century because of casteism and writing, reading was limited to the brahmins, those making the equipment could not read and write, had to rely on their memory. It is usually not possible to design very well based on memory, however casteism in India was fairly rigid and brahmins were ruthless in suppressing the other castes in India.
During the british rule of india, there was some change in the attitute , however in so called independent india, in 2017, the country appears to have regressed and again indian intelligence employees are hired based on the fake verbal claims of the mainly brahmin NTRO employees, especially in the indian internet sector.

Single women domain investors, engineers are the worst affected by the fake verbal claims of powerful fraud ntro employees who shamelessly steal their resume, investment misusing their names.