Goa government LANGUAGE SKILLS FRAUD shows why english teachers recommend that goans apply for portuguese passports

Though the indian and goan government is always belittling, humiliating, cheating and exploiting those with good english language writing skills, these skills are in demand worldwide
Goan government WRITING FRAUD forces english teachers to recommend that goans apply for portuguese passports
Intelligence and security agencies in the rest of india, should realize that the website network is full of complaints, because business conditions in goa are some of the worst in India and the SHAMELESS CORRUPT LIAR government officials are least bothered because no action is taken against them.
The domain investor, engineer is not the only person complaining. Though goa was liberated from the portuguese by the indian army, in 1961 at present, the conditions in goa are so terrible that english teachers settting the goa SSC board exam, are recommending that people in goa should apply for a portuguese passport and leave goa at the earliest
There are no jobs in goa for hardworking and meritorious people, all jobs are for those with influence like goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, her sisters,purvi, piyali, cousin teji, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak caro, who have powerful relatives in intelligence and security agencies, like caro, nayak, mandrekar, pritesh chodankar who have INFLUENCE to get their relatives jobs with FAKE BANK account, writing and computer work.
Similar, R&AW/cbi jobs for young panaji gujju fraudster brothers karan/nikhil who are also FAKING BANK account, writing and computer work at the expense of the person doing computer work, are examples of BRIBERY in goa, which led to portuguese passport recommendation for goans by teachers who are aware of the harsh reality of living in goa

Instead of sending notices to the four teachers who recommended portuguese passports for people in goa, they should be rewarded for their HONESTY, people, politicians should ask the goa government why well connected BRIBE GIVING FRAUDS are getting monthly government salaries for FAKING computer work, bank account, domain ownership