With almost no writing income, yet google competitor expected to purchase grammarly


Since July end 2018, the google competitor has almost no writing work, because all iwriter articles are blocked . She managed to get a little work from a forum, however the person wants a grammarly score of 95+. However for getting a score of 95+, the google competitor has to purchase the professional version of grammarly costing $ 120/year.

Grammarly initially sent a coupon for 50% off, then 40% off, however when she has made only $47 from writing, why should she purchase grammarly cost $60 and above. There is no guarantee that she will get any orders in future also, because google, tata and their contractors, associates, are very effective in stealing all orders, blocking all payment for digital products and services.

So just like domains which are not making any money at all or very less money, grammarly will be another expense, which the google competitor cannot afford, so she is unable to purchase grammarly till she makes enough to cover the expenses