Month: November 2021

Shivalli brahmin cybercriminals even modifying the articles written, changing words to cause losses

To cover up the writing,financial fraud of shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater raw employee housewife nayanshree, who is only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband, yet gets a monthly salary only for making fake claims, the shivalli brahmins are very aggressive in their cybercrime, modifying the content of the files.
For example the domain investor had written an article where pajama set was mentioned
Being extremely ruthless cybercriminals, who hate the domain investor, they changed the pajama set to night gown. Since the domain investor has intentionally reduced the amount of stressful writing work she will do, she checked the article again, and found that some cybercriminal had changed pajama set to night gown, so that the article would get rejected.
This shows how ruthless the shivalli brahmins are in harassing the ‘lower castes’ who then complain of exploitation