tata’s latest fraud servant writer from dehradun involved in lift stalking again

Google, tata who are involved in the world’s greatest work at home fraud since 2010, are ruthless in criminally defaming, cheating and exploiting hardworking indian paypal account holders, falsely claiming that various housewives, call girls, maidservants are doing computer work , when actually these women are not spending any time and also lack the skills. Yet the indian and state government blindly believe all the lies of these fraud companies.

After the google, tata’s christian housewives and other men have been exposed, the latest google, tata maidservant writer is from Dehradun and is working on the seventh floor in the house of singh, who were earlier working in the navy (name changed). The pathological liar security and intelligence employees in panaji are falsely claiming that the maidservant, who is not doing any computer work, is doing the writing work.

To show that there is some contact, whenever the domain investor is taking the lift, they will send the microchipped maidservant and then falsely claim that the work was discussed in the lift, when actually there is no contact at all. On 12 June 2013, tata’s latest fraud servant writer was wearing a purple tshirt and wearing black leggings or pants.

This stalking is reason why the domain investor is confident that Rs 4 crore more of taxpayer money is wasted on harassing her every year since 2010, because all her activities are closely monitored by the security agencies, who then arrange to stalk her. If no one was monitoring her, they would not be able to stalk her, harass her in any way.