Like in De De Pyaar De, mhow monster NTRO employee puneet fakes writing skills of his younger lazy girlfriend nayanshree hathwar to get her a R&AW job

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The Ajay Devgan movie De De Pyaar De highlighted a major fraud of middle aged indian men who are infatuated and having affairs with young women who are half their age. In the movie Ajay devgan’s character Ashish hides his sexual relationship with Aisha, half his age, falsely claiming that she is his secretary to his family and others when he comes to India

Like in De De Pyaar De, mhow monster NTRO employee puneet hides his affair with bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar 15 years junior, falsely claiming that she is a writer when actually she does not do any writing work at all
One of the greatest frauds in the indian internet sector is how ntro employees are allowed to falsely claim that their 100% personal relationship with good looking lazy greedy cheater women are professional relationships to get their girlfriends raw/cbi jobs with a monthly salary at the expense of professionals with skills and experience.

In exactly the same manner, the ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan are hiding their infatuation with the slim lazy greedy nayanshree hathwar for more than 9 years, falsely claiming that their relationship is professional, their friend who has never invested any money online is a domain investor, online, writing expert, when it can be legally proved that ntro’s favorite cheater housewife has never invested any money online in her life, has no online income, since she does not spend any time, and she does not have the skills

Mhow cheater puneet falsely claims that nayanshree is writing content when she is not spending any time writing at all in a clear case of exploitation and defamation of the real writer which no one has the humanity and honesty to question

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