Indian architecture article offered after the panaji’s greedy shameless goan gsb fraud architect kalpana is exposed worldwide

Please note that real names are not mentioned to prevent legal issues, however everyone should be aware of the greedy shameless fraud gsb architect of panaji fairskinned curly haired kalpana, mother of a girl, whose father held an important position in the postal department and sometimes drives a toyota fortuner.
The sundar pichai led google and tata fraud in having fraud ntro employees steal the identity of a google competitor, domain investor and experienced engineer, falsely claiming to know her well, to get their lazy greedy mediocre associates raw/cbi/intelligence jobs is one of the greatest frauds in the world, while denying the engineer the income and opportunities she deserved

In addition to the goan call girls, school dropouts, cheater housewives, robbers and other frauds another google, tata sponsored cheater intelligence employee who is falsely claiming to be associated with the domain investor, engineer is the Greedy shameless goan gsb fraud architect kalpana who got fake references from the liar anish acharya(puneet and others) and later filed a case against the domain investor, falsely claiming defamation

It appears that Greedy shameless goan gsb fraud architect kalpana of panaji’s fraud on the google competitor, engineer has become famous worldwide, and someone was offering an article on indian architecture to the google competitor, taking pity on her after the fraud of Greedy shameless goan gsb fraud architect kalpana in panaji,google, tata intelligence and security agencies has become famous worldwide