Brahmin fraud liar ntro employees refusal to acknowledge language skills of google competitor leads to fake money laundering charges

If the brahmin fraud liar ntro employees like hathwar, kodancha, mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, parmar, had the grace, humanity and honesty to admit that the google competitor has decent writing skills, and is a very proficient writer , no one would have questioned the source of her income, and made fake money laundering, black money allegations against her, wasting more than Rs 30 crore of taxpayer money trying to find non existent proof against her, ruining her life in the process.

Their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced cheater relatives and friends like nayanshree hathwar have no language skills, yet shamelessly want to take credit for work they do not do, and get a monthly indian government salary.
These fraud brahmin ntro employees were ruthless in labelling all her content as spam, to cover up their fraud, abuse of power.

Only when she started posting on quora, other indian citizens facing similar harassment, agreed with her and she has a number of followers on quora, and the fraud ntro employees were forced to acknowledge that she is writing instead of falsely giving their favorite prostitutes, frauds credit for work they did not do.