Resignation of ABP News journalists exposes the futility of exposing fraud in India in 2018

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Scroll carried the news of how ABP News Network Managing Editor Milind Khandekar, journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai had resigned after they carried a story of how a woman may have been tutored to tell lies in their show Masterstroke

In addition to objecting to the news story, it appears that viewers of the program are unable to watch the ABP Masterstroke program using DTH like Tatasky, Airtel . The DTH service providers are saying that there is a problem with ABP transmission
This highlights a problem which the mainstream media does not bother to cover, how in an increasingly digitized world, it is very easy for hackers to ensure that those who cause problems for the powerful, are harassed and silenced
The hackers may have allegedly told ABP management, that unless the journalists responsible for the negative story were removed, they would ensure that there was a problem with the transmission of ABP Masterstroke program and other programs also

So the management may be forced to ask for their resignation. This is a problem faced by most online publishers, who then are forced to close. Powerful officials have also tried hacking the websites of the domain investor owning this website for exposing high level fraud.,However the domain investor is a very experienced admin, so unlike ABP which was allegedly forced to compromise, she can ensure uptime for her website